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What if my dog has matts? 

We do offer dematting services if your dog is found to have matts. The fee is $10 for every 5mins that it takes to dematt your dog. If the matts are too severe to dematt or you would not like to dematt, we will shave your dog with whichever length will go under the matts. There is also an additional charge for shaving down due to matts depending on the severity and we will be treating your dog with a medicated conditioner to alleviate any dryness, irritation, etc. caused by the matting.

What if my dog is aggressive?

If your dog is so aggressive that we are unable to even touch them, we recommend taking them to a vet with a groomer on staff to give them a "happy pill" and monitor them while being groomed. If one of our staff gets bit or someone has to assist in the grooming process to insure no injuries, there is a $10 "Special Handling" fee. We do not muzzle dogs here, as that causes them to become more aggressive and hate grooming even more.

Should I give my dog a sedative before grooming to help them relax?

We do not groom dogs on any medication to relax them for grooming. We need all dogs to be aware, awake, and coherent to groom them. We do not have a vet on staff to monitor and look for signs of your dog having a negative reaction to the medication. This is for your dog's own safety as their well-being is the most important thing to us.

**What if my dog is Elderly?

We do not take in new clients over the age of 7 years old. If you are already an existing client, we do not have an age cap and will not stop grooming your dog just because of age. take elderly dogs in here.

What vaccinations do you require for services?

We only require the rabies vaccination here. You can either bring in a physical copy to your appointment, email it to, show us a copy on your phone, or call your vet when you get here and have them verbally confirm it for us on speaker phone. You must wait 24hrs after getting any shot before coming in for any services. That is a crucial monitoring period to see if your dog is having any reaction to any of the vaccines they received. Additionally, the dogs are sore and irritated after getting shots, which could lead to injury if put through the stress of grooming. 

What if you find something on my dog?

If we find anything like fleas, eye infections, ear infections, moles, tumours, etc. that we were not notified of previously will notify you either with a call or upon pick-up, so we can accurately show it to you. With fleas, we always call as soon as we find them since if they are on your dog, they are most likely in your home, yard, and car that you brought them in, so you will have time to treat these areas before your dog comes back home all clean and fresh.

What if my dog is on her cycle?

We do not accept dogs that are on their cycle. It makes the grooming process difficult and unsanitary. Once they start, it takes about three weeks for them to finish it. After that, we will be more than happy to schedule your dog for an appointment. If you come in with a dog on her cycle, we will have no choice, but to reschedule your appointment for a later date, when your dog is, hopefully, not on her cycle.

If my dog has a skin condition, can I bring my own shampoo?

Yes! We welcome any medicated shampoos if it will help your baby feel better! If you do not have any medicated shampoo, we have some here that we can use, if you would like. Our options are: Aloe Oatmeal Medicated, Hemp Oil Infused Medicated, Tar & Sulfa (for particularly bad skin), and Tea Tree Oil. Each are $7.

What if I am late to my appointment?

We do have a 10min grace period after your appointment starts before your appointment is marked as a no-call, no-show and cancelled. It will remain on your client record and you will have to reschedule for the next available. Sometimes, we do have slots available for that same day due to a cancellation or other circumstances, so we can put you back on, but for fully booked days, this is impossible. If we do take your dog in after the 10min grace period, you incur a late fee of $10. If you have three no-call, no-shows, then you need to make a non-refundable deposit on your next appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or no-call, no-show, we keep the deposit. If you show, then you only have to pay the remainder.

What if I am late to pick up my dog?

The latest time that you can pick up your dog is one hour after being notified of your dog being marked "ready-for-pickup". Any later would incur a daycare charge either half day or full day, depending on how long your dog is in our care for. If you pick up after closing time at 4:00 PM, you incur a late fee of $10 immediately at 4:01 PM. Every 10 mins after that will add an additional $10 to the late fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you have three last minute cancellations (within 24 hours of your appointment), then you are considered a high-risk client and will have to start paying a non-refundable deposit when scheduling. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or no-call, no-show, we keep the deposit. If you show, then you only have to pay the remainder of your balance.

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