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Bichon Frise

Here, you will find various before and after shots for different Bichon Frise.

About Hella's Haircut...

Hella received a #2 comb all over and a TBH for this visit. She is mixed with a poodle, so her hair is slightly different from a normal bichon, but she is just as cute!

Hella Before.png
Hella Zamora.png
Daisy before_edited_edited.jpg
Daisy after_edited.jpg

About Daisy's Haircut...

Daisy got a #0 comb bichon cut. The trademark round fluffy head is a must!

About Fabio's Haircut...

Fabio got a #0 comb bichon cut. Since he is mixed, we gave him a nice round head and left his ears long and fluffy, just the way his pawrents love it.

Fabio after better.jpg
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